Use cookies

Web sites and the online services of dulces-gamito can use «cookies». Cookies allow you to purchase through the cart and customise sites, and let us know which pages customers visit. Help us to measure the effectiveness of ads and searches, and give us information about the behaviour of users, which we use to improve our products and messages.Many of our sites use cookies, it is possible that you can not access certain sections if you disable them.The cookies used on our pages have been listed according to the guidelines of the Guide on cookies from the Chamber of Commerce International (CCI) of the United Kingdom. On our web sites and online services, we apply the following categories:


Category 1: cookies strictly necessary

These cookies are essential so that you can navigate through the pages and use their benefits. Without these cookies, we cannot offer you services as the purchase or payment by Internet shopping cart.


Category 2: cookies on behaviour

These cookies collect information about how you use our sites, for example pages that more visits. These data allow us to optimise sites and facilitate your navigation. These cookies also allow you to know if you've come to our Web site through them and if your visit ended with the purchase or use of any of our products and services, and the details of that product or service to our members. These cookies do not contain information that identifies you. All the data collected in these cookies is collected anonymously.


Category 3: cookies for functionality

These cookies allow our sites to remember the options that you select when you browse. For example, we can store your geographical location in a cookie to make sure that the displayed pages are those that are targeted to your area. They can also retain preferences as the size of the text, fonts and other customisable elements. Another possible use is to register outstanding products or videos that have already appeared and prevent recurrences. The data collected in these cookies do not identify you personally and do not allow to follow your activity when you browse out web sites of Dulces Gamito.