What is Halal?

The term Halal refers to the set of practices allowed by the Muslim religion. The opposite term, the one that expresses the prohibited practices is Haram, and it defines a set of substances considered harmful according to the verses of the Koran, such as pork and alcohol.

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At Dulces Gamito we are committed to the diversity of our consumers, making the consumption of our products accessible to everyone, that is why we work with the Halal Institute to guarantee the certification of this distinctive.

Halal Guarantee Mark

The Halal Guarantee is granted by the Halal Institute, which is the entity that manages the Halal Guarantee mark of the Islamic Board applied to products and services marketed by Spanish companies.

Our products with the Halal seal are made with 100% vegetable ingredients, making them accessible to both the Muslim community and vegetarian individuals. Over 20 years endorse us, being pioneers in the production of Halal mantecados and polvorones, under brands such as Gamito, La Cabalgata, and La Unión.

Currently, we have the Halal Guarantee from the Islamic Board for the sale of our products in most countries around the world, with a significant influence in Europe and Africa. Additionally, we have recently expanded our Halal certificate and have added the GSO-2055-1 standard necessary for the sale of Halal sweets in Arabian Peninsula countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

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Our most popular halal sweets

Original halal mantecados and polvorones with an unmistakable flavor

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Giralda Halal Assortment

The most complete halal assortment with a wide variety of almond specialties

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Halal Choco-Almond Mantecados

The authentic chocolate mantecados with chopped almonds and icing sugar from halal confectionery

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Halal Artisan Roscos

The original 100% vegetable roscos with cinnamon and icing sugar from halal confectionery

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Traditional Halal Assortment

The authentic halal assortment with the most traditional varieties of halal sweets