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Our founders

The history of Dulces Gamito begins in 1965, with José Gamito Fernández and his wife Carmen Gamito Borrego as founders and protagonists of this long journey.

In the wood oven of a small house in Estepa, José and Carmen begin to make mantecados and polvorones with the original recipe passed down in this family for several generations. It is at this precise moment when this old house is founded, beginning a long history dedicated to the world of sweets. Tradition, innovation and quality is the legacy that we continue to maintain today, making our famous artisan sweets as in the past with an exhaustive selection of raw materials.

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In the 1950s the town of Estepa experienced a brutal change in its economy. The artisan mantecado manufactured for hundreds of years in our lands as a typical Christmas sweet, begins to be distributed en masse throughout Spain. Such is the demand for the product that hundreds of brands and new companies are created, turning this small town into the famous city of mantecado.

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The beginning of a delicious adventure

With the seal of quality and innovation as a strategy, Dulces Gamito spreads throughout the peninsula entering the homes of thousands of people, combining tradition and excellence in the same product.

Thus begins the legend of this family of sweets that becomes part of the history of Estepa ice cream. The success of its products makes this small family business grow rapidly, promoting the consumption of this Christmas sweet throughout Spain. Dulces Gamito becomes part of the Regulatory Council of Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) "Mantecados de Estepa" and "Polvorones de Estepa" to guarantee the production of products of extraordinary quality.

Creation of a new factory

In 1987 the new production plant of the company was inaugurated with a wide improvement of its facilities. The production moves from the family residence where everything began in order to continue growing in the world of sweets. Thanks to this expansion, in 1993 Dulces Gamito began to export mantecados and polvorones to different parts of the world.

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Dulces Gamito Path

In 2004 there was a generational renewal in the company and the children of the founders, José, Carmen and Remedios Gamito became part of the management. With this generation, Dulces Gamito is at the forefront of the mantecado industry for being the first company to produce 100% vegetable mantecados in the world with the Halal seal of guarantee. Expanding the legend of this family for being a pioneer in the production of mantecados and polvorones with raw materials totally of vegetable origin.

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At present we continue to bet on our seal of superior quality and innovation but always keeping in mind our beginnings and tradition in the elaboration of all our products.

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Responsible for the environment

At Dulces Gamito we are committed to the environment, therefore we are committed to clean and renewable solar energy to reduce polluting emissions. With this technology we reduce our emissions to combat climate change in this way.

Year after year we continue to improve our facilities to improve the final consumer experience, making all our artisan sweets sustainable.

Dulces Gamito Evolution

Since its creation, Dulces Gamito has been at the forefront of innovation. Its founder José Gamito Fernández, ahead of his time, laid the foundations of this family and established the quality standards that we still maintain intact.

In 2018 we began a technological transition to lead and adapt to the new times.

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