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Estepa, much more than Christmas products

Gamito Products, in this case with the introduction of sweets manufactured in Estepa among the Muslim community in Spain and other countries in which that religion is the majority or very important, with Halal certification, which certifies that no derivatives of pork have been used or alcohol in the preparation.

José María Gamito points out that the idea was given to him, more than 25 years ago, by a distributor from Melilla, who sold mantecados in the market of that city. He is Muslim and he asked them for a product that he could also offer to the clientele of his religion. They substituted vegetable fat for pork fat, modified the recipe for wine bagels and incorporated a stamp in Arabic, with the word "allowed" in that language. Already then its sales increased notably. It was much later when they found out that Halal certification existed and they incorporated it a little over a decade ago.

With this, not only have they increased sales in Spain throughout the year, but they are also going out with their product to France, Germany or Belgium, among other countries. Since the Covid closed the borders of Ceuta and Melilla, they also export directly to Morocco, through a distributor in that country.

Before this commitment to Halal, the Gamito Products factory stopped in December. Now they do not, they maintain between 12 and 13 permanent jobs throughout the year, which reaches 15 in some moments, thanks to that line of products, although they also make tasting pastries for coffee, with a limited sale.

Although the intensity of the ice cream campaign - the workforce grows during it to 65 people - now makes the proportions upset, on average Halal products already account for between 25 and 30% of the turnover for the entire year. Turnover has increased by 20% compared to what they had in 2010 or 2012.

As with the mantecados, every year different products are released, novelties for that market, which has helped cushion the drop in mantecados sales during the pandemic, in a company that works a lot on the lot, for gifts, which fell especially by the circumstances.



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