Spanish mantecado and polvoron quality guarantee

Dulces Gamito has the certificates of the ice cream regulating council, thus consolidating the quality that characterizes us, so that the consumer can have the best experience with this traditional Christmas sweet

The Regulatory Council of Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) "Mantecados de Estepa" and "Polvorones de Estepa" guarantees compliance with higher requirements than those required for other products of the same class or variety. For this reason, choosing the mantecados identified with this badge is a guarantee of enjoying an authentic mantecado or polvorón, of proven quality. It constitutes a recognition, at the level of the European Union, of the differentiated quality of the “Mantecados de Estepa”, linked to the geographical area in which our products are made. The ingredients and raw materials used in its elaboration comply with rigorous physicochemical, microbiological and organoleptic parameters, to guarantee their high quality and preserve the reputation of our products, acquired throughout the more than 100 years of commercialization of our century-old recipe. , to continue being worthy of this European distinctive of differentiated quality.