Complete assorted case of traditional Christmas sweets
Complete assorted case of traditional Christmas sweets

Assortment Alhambra


Premium assortment of traditional Spanish Christmas sweets with the Alhambra in Granada. This assortment of Mantecados, Polvorones and other sweet specialties is perfect for Christmas gifts and sharing with the family.

Content: Almond and Honey Alfajores, Homemade Mantecados, Almond Delights, Almond Mantecados, Craft Mantecados, Chocolate Mantecados, Cinnamon Mantecados, Coconut Mantecados, Lemon Mantecados, Almond Polvorones, Chocolate Dipped Polvorones, Roscos de Wine and Almonds, Chocolate-dipped Donuts, Stuffed Almonds, Coconut Balls, Assorted Bonbons, Choco-fruits, Sugared Almonds, Marzipan with Pine Nuts and Almond Nougat.

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Special Alhambra Assortment: The Peak of Christmas Tradition

At Dulces Gamito, we take pride in presenting our "Special Alhambra Assortment," a true gem of the holiday season. This carefully selected assortment, weighing 2.1 kg, will not only bring you the essence of Christmas but also take you on a journey through the most authentic flavors of Spain. Here are all the reasons why this assortment is simply unmatched:

A Gift with History:

Our Special Alhambra Assortment is not only a delight for the palate but also a work of art for the eyes. Presented with an elegant image of the Alhambra of Granada, it's a gift that evokes Spain's rich cultural heritage.

A Complete Experience:

This assortment spans the entire spectrum of Christmas flavors. From classic Mantecados and Polvorones to Almond Delights and Artisan Mantecados, every bite is a sensory journey that captures the magic of Christmas.

Unmatched Quality:

At Dulces Gamito, we only use the finest ingredients in crafting our sweets. From toasted almonds to the highest-quality cocoa, each element of this assortment is a guarantee of authentic taste.

Variety for All:

Whether you prefer the smoothness of Lemon Mantecados or the crispy touch of Chocolate-covered Polvorones, this assortment has something for everyone. Alfajores, Mantecados, Polvorones, Roscos, Marzipan, Turron, and much more, all in one place.

Perfect for Sharing:

Christmas is a time to share and create special memories. This assortment is perfect for enjoying with family and friends, whether in your own home or as a thoughtfully chosen gift.

Exclusive and Unique:

The Special Alhambra Assortment is an exclusive product of Dulces Gamito, which means you won't find this unique experience anywhere else. It's an opportunity to celebrate the uniqueness of Spanish Christmas.

Place Your Order Today:

Don't miss the opportunity to experience Spanish Christmas at its finest. Purchase your Special Alhambra Assortment today and celebrate the holiday season with authentic flavor and tradition. At Dulces Gamito, we take pride in offering the best of Spain in every bite. Let the magic of the Alhambra fill your Christmas with us!

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