Crunchy biscuit filled with cocoa, coated in chocolate
Crunchy biscuit filled with cocoa, coated in chocolate

Caprice Chocolate

Delicious crunchy pastry filled with cocoa and hazelnut cream, bathed in a delicious layer of chocolate. This sweet is a treat for chocolate lovers, the perfect artisan biscuit to accompany coffee and snacks. Made with the best raw materials and handcrafted in our workshop by the best hands.

Vegetal food

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Chocolate Delights: Elegance and Flavor in Every Bite

At Dulces Gamito, we understand that the pleasure of chocolate is an art in itself. Let us introduce you to our exquisite Chocolate Delights, a culinary masterpiece that combines the crispy texture, intense flavor, and indulgence of chocolate in every bite. Immerse yourself in a world of sophistication and delight as we explore together the details that make our Chocolate Delights a unique experience.

Our Chocolate Delights are more than simple sweets; they are a symphony of textures and flavors. The crispy shell enveloping the hazelnut cocoa cream fuses into a dance of sensations in your mouth. Every bite is an exploration of the perfect harmony between the inner softness and the outer crispy chocolate layer. It's the art of texture and flavor at its finest.

A Gift for Chocolate Lovers:

If you are a chocolate lover, our Chocolate Delights are a treat for your senses. Each serving immerses you in the rich taste of chocolate and the delicacy of hazelnut cocoa cream. From the first bite to the last, you will experience a wave of pleasure that only high-quality chocolate and culinary art can provide.

Our Chocolate Delights are the perfect companion for your special moments. Imagine savoring them with your morning coffee or as a sweet addition to your snacks. Every bite is an invitation to slow down and delight in the exquisite combination of flavors and aromas.

Craftsmanship in Every Detail:

At Dulces Gamito, craftsmanship is the essence of our creation. Each Chocolate Delight is the result of skilled hands combining the finest raw materials with passion and expertise. Each sweet is a piece of culinary art crafted in our workshop with meticulous attention to every detail. Dedication to quality and authenticity is what defines our products.

A Completely Plant-Based Experience:

Furthermore, we are proud to inform you that our Chocolate Delights are a fully plant-based pleasure. We have crafted this product using 100% plant-based ingredients, honoring sustainability and conscious choices.

Discover the elegance and exceptional flavor of Chocolate Delights at Dulces Gamito. Buy now and let your senses guide you on a culinary journey that celebrates the art of chocolate at its finest. Each Delight is a manifestation of our passion for quality and sensory satisfaction.

Celebrate elegance and flavor at Dulces Gamito.

Data sheet

WHEAT flour (GLUTEN), vegetable fat (palm), cocoa filling [sugar, vegetable oil (sunflower, SOY, rapeseed), defatted cocoa powder (8%), starch, emulsifier (SOY lecithin), HAZELNUT paste, aromas and antioxidants (e-304i, e-306)], sugar, cocoa (1%), aromas, raising agents (e-450i, e-500ii), anti-caking agents (e-516, e-170), WHEAT starch , chocolate coating [sugar, partially hydrogenated vegetable fat (palm kernel), defatted cocoa powder (20%), emulsifier (SOYA lecithin) and aroma] (15%).
Contains: GLUTEN, SOYA and HAZELNUT. May contain traces of EGG, PEANUT, MILK, other NUTS, SESAME and SULPHITES.
Energetic value 1578,94 kJ / 375,94 kcal | Fat 16,00g (of which saturated 2,77g) | Carbohydrates 52,025g (of which sugars 41,92g) | Protein 5,97g | Salt 0,23g || (Values per 100g of product).
To be preserved in a fresh, dry and no contaminated place.
MANTECADOS GAMITO HNOS. S.L. Av Úbeda 11. 41560 Estepa (Seville) - SPAIN.

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