Marzipan figurines: Christmas tradition, exquisite flavor
Marzipan figurines: Christmas tradition, exquisite flavor

Marzipan Figures

Marzipan figurines are exquisite Christmas sweets made with a very traditional marzipan base. Made with sugar, lemon and almonds, its main property is its tender interior dough with a sweet flavor that is pleasant to the palate. Marzipan is one of the most demanded Spanish sweets traditionally at Christmas time.

No palm oil

Vegetal food

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Marzipan Figurines: Tradition and Christmas Flavor in Every Bite

At Dulces Gamito, we take pride in introducing our Marzipan Figurines, a gem of traditional pastry that embodies the spirit of Christmas. Each of these exquisite figurines is a masterpiece of flavor and craftsmanship that will delight your senses and immerse you in the warmth of the holidays.

The Charm of Marzipan:

Our Marzipan Figurines are made following a centuries-old recipe, with a marzipan base that perfectly combines sugar, lemon, and almonds. The result is a tender and smooth dough with a sweet and pleasant taste that melts in your mouth, transporting you to the essence of Christmas.

Spanish Tradition in Every Bite:

Marzipans are an iconic part of Spanish pastry, especially during the holiday season. Each Marzipan Figurine is a representation of this rich gastronomic heritage that has been passed down from generation to generation.

No Palm Oil, 100% Vegan:

At Dulces Gamito, we are committed to offering the highest quality and healthy products for everyone. Our Marzipan Figurines are 100% vegan and do not contain palm oil, ensuring a conscious choice for you and your loved ones.

Perfect for Gifting or Sharing:

Our Marzipan Figurines are perfect for gifting during this holiday season. Whether as a special gift or as a sweet gesture to share with friends and family, these figurines will add a touch of tradition and flavor to your celebrations.

Celebrate Christmas with Flavor and Style:

Add a touch of authenticity and flavor to your Christmas with our Marzipan Figurines. Each bite is a unique experience that celebrates tradition and the festive spirit.

Place Your Order Now and Discover the Charm of Our Marzipan Figurines:

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy these holiday delights. Place your order today and bring the taste and tradition of Dulces Gamito's Marzipan Figurines to your home.

Data sheet

ALMOND (EU and outside the EU) 48%, glucose syrup, sugar, preservatives (e-200, e-202).
Contains: ALMOND. May contain traces of EGG, GLUTEN and MILK.
Energetic value 1968,00 kJ / 470,00 kcal | Fat 24,00g (of which saturated 2,00g) | Carbohydrates 56,00g (of which sugars 55,00g) | Protein 8,00g | Salt 0,23g || (Values per 100g of product).
To be preserved in a fresh, dry and no contaminated place.
MANTECADOS GAMITO HNOS. S.L. Av Úbeda 11. 41560 Estepa (Seville) - SPAIN.

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