Classic varied dellicious assortment of typical Spanish turroncillos
Classic varied dellicious assortment of typical Spanish turroncillos

Assorted Nougat

Classic assortment of nougat in bulk with the different varieties of traditional Spanish nougat. This assortment contains the best nougat made with the most select ingredients. Content: Almond Nougat, Chocolate and Almond Nougat, Soft Nougat, Guirlache Nougat and Crunchy Chocolate Nougat.

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Assortment of Turroncillos: Discover the Authentic Spanish Christmas Flavor

At Dulces Gamito, we are excited to introduce our "Assortment of Turroncillos," a gem of Spanish Christmas that will take you on a journey of unforgettable flavors. This assortment is a true celebration of traditional Spanish turrones, and here we explain why it's a must-have on your festive table:

The Essence of Spanish Christmas:

Our Assortment of Turroncillos is a manifestation of the Christmas spirit of Spain. Each turroncillo, from the classic almond ones to chocolate and guirlache variations, is a masterpiece of pastry that captures the essence of Christmas in every bite.

Variety in Every Bite:

This assortment is a treasure of varieties. You'll find Turroncillos de Almendras, a tribute to the purest tradition; Turroncillos de Chocolate and Almendras, a delicious fusion of flavors; Turroncillos Blandos, which melt in your mouth; Turroncillos de Guirlache, a classic with a crunchy twist; and Turroncillos de Chocolate Crujiente, for chocolate lovers. Each one is a unique experience.

Ingredients of the Highest Quality:

At Dulces Gamito, we spare no expense in quality. Each of our turroncillos is crafted with the finest ingredients, from toasted almonds to pure cocoa from the best regions. It's the guarantee of authentic and exceptional flavor.

Share Tradition at the Table:

This Assortment of Turroncillos is perfect for sharing the Spanish Christmas tradition with friends and loved ones. Whether on your festive table or as a gift, it's a way to introduce others to the rich culinary culture of Spain.

Quality and Flavor in Every Bite:

Each turroncillo is a small work of art, with a perfect balance between texture and flavor. They are tender, crispy, or soft depending on the variety, but they all share one characteristic: the authentic flavor of Christmas.

Place Your Order Today:

Don't wait any longer to experience the authentic flavor of Spanish Christmas. Place your order for our Assortment of Turroncillos and bring the magic of traditional turrones that make this time of year so special into your home. At Dulces Gamito, we are proud to offer you the best of Spain in every turroncillo. Celebrate Christmas like never before with us!

Data sheet

ALMOND, sugar, glucose and fructose syrup, honey, hydrogenated vegetable fat (palm kernel and palm), refined oils (sunflower, coconut), DAIRY whey powder, skimmed MILK powder, defatted cocoa powder, HAZELNUT, walnuts, egg yolk EGG, sucrose, dextrose, flour (rice, WHEAT), malt extract, BARLEY (GLUTEN), gelatin (beef origin), pumpkin, potato starch, vanillin, cinnamon, aromas, salt, emulsifier (lecithin (SOYA, sunflower) , stabilizer (E-471), coloring (E-100, E-120, E-133), preservatives (E-1103, E-200, E-202, E-223 (SULPHITES)), acidulant (E-330).
Energetic value 2007,10kJ / 479,30 kcal | Fat 23,69g (of which saturated 5,91g) | Carbohydrates 59,88g (of which sugars 54,21g) | Protein 9,93g | Salt 0,21g || (Values per 100g of product).
To be preserved in a fresh, dry and no contaminated place.
MANTECADOS GAMITO HNOS. S.L. Av Úbeda 11. 41560 Estepa (Seville) - SPAIN.

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