Premium tin with assorted Christmas sweets inside
Premium tin with assorted Christmas sweets inside

Luxury Tin Masterworks 550g

We present this perfect gift box of premium sweets, a metal tin engraved with the monument of the Torre del Oro in Seville.

This luxury tin is prepared by combining quality with craftsmanship. Inside you will find a traditional artisan assortment with the most typical Christmas sweets from Spain. Made with the best ingredients, rolled in a traditional way and kneaded in our family bakery.

Content: Almond and Honey Alfajores, Homemade Almond Mantecados, Olive Oil Mantecados, Cocoa Mantecados, Chocolate Almond Mantecados, Lemon Mantecados, Almond Polvorones and Wine and Almond Roscos.

Palm oil free

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Deluxe Masterpieces Tin: An Unparalleled Christmas Gift

At Dulces Gamito, we are delighted to introduce our "Deluxe Masterpieces Tin," a true tribute to the excellence of Estepa's mantecados tradition. This premium sweets box is much more than a gift; it is an edible work of art that will captivate your senses and those who have the privilege of receiving it.

The Art of Giving with Elegance:

Our deluxe tin not only contains exquisite handmade sweets but is also a collectible piece in itself. It is decorated with an impressive engraving of the iconic Torre del Oro in Seville, a monument that speaks of the rich history of Andalusia and symbolizes the grandeur of our land.

Unrivaled Quality and Craftsmanship:

Inside this deluxe tin, you will find a traditional artisan assortment that represents the best of Estepa's pastry. Each of our sweets has been made with the finest ingredients and carefully kneaded in our family workshop.

A Feast for Your Senses:

Our selection of Christmas sweets includes a variety that will delight your palate: Almond and Honey Nougat, Homemade Almond Shortbread, Olive Oil Shortbread, Cocoa Shortbread, Chocolate and Almond Shortbread, Lemon Shortbread, Almond Polvorones, and Wine and Almond Roscos.

No Palm Oil:

We are proud to say that our sweets are free from palm oil, reflecting our commitment to the quality of ingredients and your health.

A Gift that Makes a Difference:

Whether to gift to a loved one or to enjoy at home during the holidays, our "Deluxe Masterpieces Tin" is the perfect choice. Place your order today and discover why our tradition is a true treasure in every bite.

Data sheet

WHEAT flour (GLUTEN), sugar, lard, ALMOND, extra virgin olive oil, wine, cocoa, cinnamon, honey, aromas, SESAME and matalahúva.
Contains: GLUTEN, ALMOND and SESAME. May contain traces of EGG, PEANUT, SOY, MILK, other NUTS and SULPHITES.
Energetic value 1577,90 kJ / 375,70 kcal | Fat 13,04g (of which saturated 2,13g) | Carbohydrates 56,29g (of which sugars 38,59g) | Protein 8,29g | Salt 0,01g || (Values per 100g of product).
To be preserved in a fresh, dry and no contaminated place.
MANTECADOS GAMITO HNOS. S.L. Av Úbeda 11. 41560 Estepa (Seville) - SPAIN.

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