Sweet puff pastry filled with angel hair
Sweet puff pastry filled with angel hair

Puff Pastry Angel Hair

Delicious puff pastry stuffed with angel hair, the perfect sweet to accompany coffee, snack or breakfast. This exquisite puff pastry is covered with icing sugar on the outside, being a sweet similar to polvoron but with puff pastry. Angel hair puff pastries are one of the most typical Spanish Christmas sweets. These little pastries with a juicy interior texture and sweet flavor will transport you to your most special Christmas moments.

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Angel Hair Puff Pastry: A Christmas Delight for Every Day of the Year

At Dulces Gamito, we present our exquisite Angel Hair Puff Pastry, a culinary treasure that will delight your senses at any time of the year. This delicious puff pastry filled with angel hair is much more than a Christmas dessert; it's the perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee, an ideal snack, or a sweet indulgence for any breakfast.

The Beauty of Puff Pastry Texture:

Our Angel Hair Puff Pastry is a culinary work of art. With finely crafted puff pastry dough, each bite offers a unique texture experience. The crispy outer layer perfectly balances with the soft and juicy angel hair filling inside.

A Sweet Similar to Shortbread, but Unique in Its Class:

Although it shares some similarities with shortbread, our Puff Pastry stands out for its distinctive puff pastry dough. This variation makes it a singular sweet, a delicious alternative for those seeking something different for their special Christmas moments and beyond.

Tradition and Flavor in Every Bite:

Angel Hair Puff Pastry or Filled Mille-Feuille is a Christmas classic in Spain, and at Dulces Gamito, we honor this tradition with a focus on quality and taste. Each little pastry is carefully crafted with the finest ingredients to capture the essence of Christmas in every bite.

Relive Special Moments:

Angel Hair Puff Pastry is more than a sweet treat; it's an experience that will transport you to your most special Christmas moments, whether you share them with friends and family or enjoy a moment of tranquility on your own. Each bite is a reminder of the joy and warmth of the holiday season.

Enjoy It Whenever You Want:

At Dulces Gamito, we believe that the joy of Christmas should not be limited to a few weeks each year. Our Angel Hair Puff Pastry is available to you whenever you want to bring a touch of holiday magic into your life.

Make It Yours Today:

Don't wait for the holiday season to enjoy this culinary gift. Place your order for Angel Hair Puff Pastry and experience the delight of Christmas in every bite, no matter the time of year.

Data sheet

WHEAT flour (GLUTEN), water, lard, wine, margarine [refined vegetable fat (palm), refined vegetable oil (sunflower), water, emulsifier e-471, salt, aroma, acidulant (e-330), coloring (e-160a)], sugar, salt, vanilla essence, filling [45% pumpkin pulp, sugar, glucose and fructose syrup, modified starch (e-1442), acidulant (e-330), stabilizers (e- 410, e-509), preservatives (e-202, e-224), lemon aroma] (25%), orange essence.
Contains: GLUTEN. May contain traces of SULPHITES.
Energetic value 971,00kJ / 471,00 kcal | Fat 23,50g (of which saturated 9,70g) | Carbohydrates 59,70g (of which sugars 32,65g) | Protein 4,60g | Salt 0,61g || (Values per 100g of product).
To be preserved in a fresh, dry and no contaminated place.
MANTECADOS GAMITO HNOS. S.L. Av Úbeda 11. 41560 Estepa (Seville) - SPAIN.

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