Pork lard was one of the fundamental elements for food until the arrival of vegetable oils. The Roman gourmet Aspicio dating from the 1st century A.D. I already used this ingredient in many of his recipes.

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This is the main ingredient that gives consistency to the traditional mantecados and polvorones typical of our gastronomy, sweet that has been prepared for over 400 years.

Our most fundamental raw material is obtained from the most select Iberian pig in the pasture of Extremadura and Salamanca, where the quality of breeding is known worldwide for being the best. In Mantecados Gamito Hnos. S.L. We always bet on the quality of our products using the best raw materials for the preparation of sweets and shortcakes.

Vegetable shortening

The use of shortening in human nutrition dates back more than 10,000 years ago, originating in the tropical regions of Southeast Asia, Africa and South America, being a staple in food.

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In Mantecados Gamito Hnos. S.L. We use vegetable shortening to give our products a creamy texture characteristic of this material, as well as to enhance the flavor of its ingredients thanks to its properties without having to use any element of animal origin. In addition, it is the best ingredient to give it the right creaminess point while maintaining the traditional traditional flavor of shortening throughout its useful life, due to a better oxidation stability compared to other fats.

Our plant products are 100% tested by the Halal Institute guaranteeing the quality label awarded by the Halal seal.