Brownie Nougat

This brownie nougat is a variety of the famous traditional nougat, it stands out for its intense chocolate flavor with a dense texture inside. Ideal to share at Christmas with the little ones in the house, they will not be able to resist the chocolate flavor of the brownie.

No palm oil

Vegetal food

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Brownie Nougat: An Irresistible Pleasure for Your Senses

Ready to transform your Christmas festivities into a truly indulgent experience? At Dulces Gamito, we present to you our exquisite Brownie Nougat. This nougat is much more than a sweet treat; it's a culinary masterpiece that combines the richness of brownie with holiday tradition. Let me take you on a flavor journey:

Chocolate at Its Finest:

Brownie Nougat is an extraordinary variation of the classic nougat. Its chocolate flavor is intensely decadent, with a velvety, dense interior that melts in your mouth. Each bite is a culinary experience that highlights the richness of cocoa.

Perfect for Sharing at Christmas:

What better way to celebrate Christmas than by sharing such a special delicacy with your loved ones? Our Brownie Nougat is a delicious treat for the little ones in the house, although adults will also adore it. Its chocolate notes and silky texture make it irresistible for all ages.

A Flavor that Makes a Difference:

At Dulces Gamito, we understand that quality is paramount. That's why we make our Brownie Nougat with the finest ingredients, paying attention to every detail to ensure that each portion has the exceptional flavor you deserve.

Healthy and Environmentally Conscious:

Our commitment to health and sustainability is non-negotiable. That's why our Brownie Nougat does not contain palm oil and is 100% vegan. You can enjoy it with the peace of mind that you are choosing a quality product that is environmentally friendly.

Place Your Order Now:

Are you eager to experience this chocolate delight? Place your order today and discover why our Brownie Nougat is the perfect choice to elevate your Christmas celebrations. At Dulces Gamito, we take pride in presenting you with this delicious seasonal gift. Make it yours and celebrate Christmas with the most irresistible flavor!

Data sheet

Sugar, glucose syrup, PEANUT (34.7%), preservative (sorbic acid), water, defatted cocoa powder (3.7%), flavor (vanillin).
Contains: PEANUT. May contain traces of EGG, MILK, and NUTS.
Energetic value 1958,00kJ / 466,00 kcal | Fat 18,00g (of which saturated 2,90g) | Carbohydrates 62,00g (of which sugars 58,00g) | Protein 12,00g | Salt 0,04g || (Values per 100g of product).
To be preserved in a fresh, dry and no contaminated place.
MANTECADOS GAMITO HNOS. S.L. Av Úbeda 11. 41560 Estepa (Seville) - SPAIN.

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